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WSU Entomology Extension Structural Pest IPM

Structural Pest Inspector Continuing Education Webinars

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Recent Webinars:
WDOs and Invasive Insects

Learn how to identify wood-destroying organisms including dampwood termites, subterranean termites, carpenter ants, moisture ants, and more. New insect pests are always arriving in the Pacific Northwest. We will discuss identification of exotic pests, including Asian Giant Hornet,   and their potential impact to structures. Speakers: Becky Maguire, WSU Urban IPM and Dr. Chris Looney, WSDA Entomology

Home Inspections and Structural Pest Inspections: What is the difference?

Discuss the differences and similarities between home inspections and structural pest inspections. Review WSDA rules and safety-reminders including PPE and how to know if there has been a pesticide application. Speakers: Steven Smith, King of the House and WSDA Pesticide Compliance

Keeping Buildings Dry

Moisture is everywhere and when it gets into our houses it can do a lot of things. Discuss the Energy codes and building science.  Learn how moisture can harm a structure and lead to pest invasion, such as moisture ants and other wood destroying organisms. Speakers: Michael Lubliner, WSU Energy Program and Larry Stamp, Cameo Home Inspection