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WSU Entomology Extension Structural Pest IPM

Subterranean Termite Mapping Project


**This project is currently not funded, so the maps have not been updated and may be out of date. These maps are provided for historical reference only.

Distribution in Washington State

Subterranean termites have long been known to be present in various locations within Washington State but only recently, through an effort by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and the Washington State Pest Management Association, has their distribution been documented. Using geographic information systems mapping technology, known termite locations, and soil types found in Washington, these maps show termites to be predominantly found in loamy soils rather than clay or rocky soils. Loamy soils (and possibly, termites) can be found throughout many areas of the state.

It is our intent to provide the viewer with Adobe© PDF maps that can be downloaded, printed, and used to identify termite locations. Prior to conducting a home or pest inspection, use the maps below to become more familiar with areas potentially infested, thus allowing you to be more observant for this serious structural pest.

**Area Maps
Greater Kitsap County Greater Kitsap County Greater Tacoma Greater Tacoma
Bremerton Bremerton Northeast TacomaNortheast Tacoma
Port Orchard Port Orchard Northwest TacomaNorthwest Tacoma
Poulsbo Poulsbo Southeast TacomaSoutheast Tacoma
Greater Olympia Greater Olympia Southwest TacomaSouthwest Tacoma
Northeast Olympia Northeast Olympia Greater TriCities Greater Tri-Cities
Northwest Olympia East Kennewick East Kennewick
Southeast Olympia Pasco Pasco
Southwest Olympia Richland Richland
Greater Seattle Greater Seattle Richland/KennewickRichland/Kennewick
Northeast SeattleNortheast Seattle Greater Yakima Greater Yakima
Northwest SeattleNorthwest Seattle North YakimaNorth Yakima
Southeast SeattleSoutheast Seattle Southeast YakimaSoutheast Yakima
Southwest SeattleSouthwest Seattle Southwest YakimaSouthwest Yakima
Greater Spokane Greater Spokane
Northwest Seattle Northeast Spokane
Southeast Seattle Northwest Spokane
Southwest Seattle South Spokane
Subterranean Termite Distribution—Washington State


Termites found in Washington State

Subterranean Termite—infests dry or damp wood and can cause serious damage.

Dampwood Termite—infests very wet wood, but rarely causes damage.